Fifteen years ago, a group of emergency responders from varied response disciplines, founded the Colorado Wildfire Academy and Great Plains Wildfire  College realizing the need to provide National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG), Incident Command System (ICS), and other quality emergency management courses. 

Since its inception these colleges and academies have delivered training to over 15,000 students. After the events of September 11th, 2001, the board has constantly modified the curriculum to meet the ever changing requirements of fire, emergency medical, law enforcement, and other emergency management agencies and personnel.  The value of incident management training has been reinforced numerous times with unprecedented fire seasons, the Columbia Shuttle Recovery and Hurricane’s Ivan, Katrina and Rita respectively.

In 2007, to address the future training needs of emergency management, the board voted to adopt a single moniker to express our long-term commitment to a diverse curriculum of quality training.  Therefore, the official name was changed to read the Colorado Wildland Fire and Incident Management Academy (CWFIMA) and it will become the over–all umbrella of the Academy and College. We believe to sustain the quality and diversity of education, the name change to CWFIMA would more correctly describe the basis of our updated mission.

Our Mission:

Promote safety and integrate the efforts of local, State, Federal, Tribal, private-sector, and non-governmental emergency response organizations by utilizing the Incident Command System and facilitating a national approach to domestic incident management by providing both the cognitive and hands-on incident management knowledge, instructed by the nations brightest authorities.